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The Types of Slots Existing Today

Every day, gamers all over the world fall for online slots. Their range is impressive, a lot of producing companies are working hard to develop new designs, types, and configurations of them. At the very beginning of their history, about a hundred years ago, they all looked alike: three-reel slots with such traditional symbols as fruit, BAR, seven’s. They used to have one active line. Such are also called “one-armed bandit” for their looks.

Along with the development of the industry, the ones with mechanical reel are still available. For their resemblance to the original slot-machines, they belong to classical ones. Usually, there are only three reels, however, the latest modifications may have five.

The second group comprises video slots. They are an upgrade to the classical ones making the game bright and impressive. Such an effect is achieved due to a usable interface, a variety of games, high-quality graphics, and sound effects. They are designed by software developers with the implementation of the front-end IT technologies.

Video slots’ Subtypes:

  • 3 / 5/ 7 / 9-reel;
  • i-slots.

Video-slots are classified depending on the number of reels. The more reels, the more payment lines are present. For example, in nine-reel ones, there are not only horizontal winning lines. Vertical lines may also bring luck to a gambler. The last but not least type of video-slots is an i-slot. They have been exclusively designed by the company Rival. They feature additional bonuses, fascinating music, high-quality graphics, and animation, along with a developing plot.

Another classification group of slots comprises multilinear slot-machines. It is understood from the name, that there are multiple lines, from three up to even 20. The higher the number of lines, the more chances that the win line will come up. Bonus ones are the machines which provide a great number of bonus games. Also, there are additional rounds, free spins, and wilds which may double or triple the jackpot. They have a high payment rate as well as considered to be quite generous with regards to the prize values.

Progressive ones are distinguished as a separate type for their high rewards. The gamers are attracted by amazingly high jackpot which rises each next round. Though, there are those with a fixed jackpot. Thus, the game on progressive ones is the most thrilling and fascinating. For this reason, they are so beloved.

With such a variety of available slots, the temptation to try them is hard to resist. Just pick up the one according to your preferences and go for it. However, there is one general recommendation. For a newcomer in gaming, it is better to choose classic or 3-reel video slots. Hence, a newcomer will easier catch on the principle and techniques. Progressive and bonus types of them are suitable for gamblers with some experience. No matter which one you choose, good luck and go for a high jackpot!